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CERAKOTE IS A CERAMIC BASED FINISH THAT CAN BE APPLIED TO METALS, PLASTICS, POLYMERS AND WOOD. The unique formulation used for Cerakote ceramic coating enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness. Not only is it effective at protecting your investments – you can create virtually any custom design you want.

Our technicians have nearly a decade in Cerakoting.

Took my Snowy Mountain Rifle Company .260 out this afternoon for some additional load work to prepare for the upcoming 406 Precision class in IL at Nice Shot. Needless to say, my .260 likes him some H4350. Big shout out to the SMR crew and a huge thanks to Jim – their gunsmith. Looks like I owe him some more chocolate donuts! If anyone is ever in the market for a precision rifle, give me a call and come shoot some of their rifles… they speak for themselves – no gimmicks.

The only thing better than a Snowy Mountain Rifle Company are the people that back their product. Getting to spend time with Greg Isenbarger and Jason Rigby certainly made our trip to Montana! …its refreshing to know the people backing these great rigs are top notch guys and now people I consider my friends!

1240 yards with my .300 WM SMR

Shay, SMR Customer

These guys are great. I went in not really knowing what I wanted but Greg and I talked through it and ended up building an amazing 28 Nosler. Before it was done, I decided I wanted a custom paint job, sent them some ideas and let them run with it. It turned out great. Urban digital camo with the punisher logo. Awesome. Can’t wait for out next project. Couldn’t recommend these guys more.

Dave Picchioni, SMR Customer


I’m going to date myself by telling you that I had the opportunity to grow-up reading articles about the attributes of various rifles/cartridges by some of the great gun writers of all time like Jack O’Conner, Elmer Keith, Bob Milek, Jim Carmichael and others. One thing that they all had in common was that they often sang the praises of custom made rifles. I’m quite sure that all that read those articles often time’s day dreamt about having a custom rifle of their own. I know that I did. But things like college, a wife and braces for a kid took precedence over building the rifle of your dreams.

In retrospect, I’m glad that I didn’t have the wherewith to build that exquisite, one of a kind rifle that I’d be reluctant to hunt with because I’d be terrified that I’d put a scratch in a piece of exotic walnut that is truly a work of art.

As time progressed, I came to realize that first and foremost I am a Hunter.  I view a rifle as a tool.  If I can’t use it as such, I probably don’t need it.

With my modest disposable income increasing, I decided that it was time to consider building a custom rifle. I did a great deal of research before I decided as to who was going to build that rifle.

My research convinced me that I didn’t need to look any further away than my own ‘back yard’.

I met with the Snowy Mountain Rifle team and we discussed what I wanted in a hunting rifle. The decision was made to build it.

I have a rifle that shoots much better than I’m capable of shooting it… Thanks Guys! You build a truly exceptionally accurate rifle that is an absolute pleasure to shoot.

Best Regards,

Jim D

Jim Burnworth, SMR Customer

Built a great rifle for me exactly to my specs…lightweight but shoots like a sniper, looks fantastic too!!!!

Brad Vargo, SMR Customer

Awesome guys who know how to build an accurate and quality rifle! Both SMR rifles have shot lights out and proven themselves in the field under extreme hunting conditions. Highly recommended

Zach Boughton, SMR Customer

If you are looking to Cerakote work done in the Missoula area, Snowy Mtn Rifles is the place to go! I have had 7 AR platform rifles and 1 bolt gun done with them, and all have come out spectacular. Already have the next rifle in the wings, and the last stop before assembly will be SMR!

Aaron Walton, SMR Customer

I started with a 700 PSS. I had Snowy Mountain rebarrel it for 6.5 Creedmoor with a carbon proof barrel and a AGS composite stock. They also threaded my barrel for my suppressor and bedded the action. They did an outstanding job with about a 3-month turnaround couldn’t be happier highly recommend these guys.

Jacques Hansen, SMR Customer

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